Bitton Café & Bistro

Bitton Café & Bistro

Iconic French Café & Bistro, offering a 5star experience in a relaxed family friendly environment

Renowned for their delicious and tantalizing French inspired menu and friendly personalised service.

Enjoy the Bitton Plumer Road experience; indulge in our delicious selection of classic and modern French dishes. For breakfast, French crepes are a specialty, or a one pan bacon and eggs cooked in a copper pan. Feast on our daily baked muffins, cakes and pastries, or simply grab a take away coffee. Relax in this iconic foodie hub and enjoy classic Bitton dishes such as a Moroccan chicken sandwich, salad niçoise or steak and frites. We offer vegetarian options too, all matched with boutique local and international wines.

While you are there, check out our range of Bitton Jams, Dressings, Spice Pastes, Condiments & Gift Cards also available for sale.

Open Daily for Breakfast and Lunch from 7am to 4pm. Opening for dinners soon!


23 Plumer Road Rose Bay
Ph : (02) 95195111

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